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Common Name: Birds Nest Fern

Mature Plant Size: 60cm-1m high - 60cm-1.5m wide

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Flowers in SummerGrows in part sunGrows in a shady position or indoorsOnly 2 days watering required once established

Best Position:Give them medium light all year long. moist well draining soil.

Plant Description:The Asplenium Nidus is also known as the bird nest fern it has undivided leathery fronds that grow in a upward-spreading, bowl shaped. Fronds are of apple green and may grow up to 1.5 metres long and between 5-8 cm wide. The new fronds are delicate and can easily be damaged as they unroll from a central spongy, fibrous, dark brown core as they age they become leathery. No offsets are produced by the Asplenium Nidus. Apply liquid fertilizer to well established plants once a month during the active growth period.

Flower Description: No flowers are produced, grown for its leathery glossy apple green fronds.

Best Uses: Asplenium nidus will make a wonderful centerpiece, whether planted in a pot, container, hanging basket or even in the ground to add a tropical feel to your garden.

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