Cyathea Cooperii

Cyathea Cooperii

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Common Name: Australian Tree Fern

Mature Plant Size: 4-6m high - 3m wide

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Plant is either evergreen or will flower for most of the yearGrows in part sunFull shade or indoors

Best Position: Suitable for most moist soils in a wide range of positions. Prefers a frost free, humid environment. Will tolerate full sun if well watered.

Plant Description: Known as the Australian tree fern, lacy tree fern, scaly tree fern, or Cooper"s tree fern. The CYATHEA Cooperii is a medium-to-large fast growing tree fern with a thick trunk that is particularly attractive, covered with conspicuous long, silky, straw colored scales. The crown is widely spread with beautiful light green fronds. Tree-ferns respond well to organic fertilizers.

Flower Description: This beautiful robust tree fern is grown for its large lacy fonds. Ferns do not have flowers or fruit they produce spores on the backs of their leaves throughout the year.

Best Uses: Will provide a spectacular addition to most gardens, can be grown in containers, makes a great feature plant in the right position.

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