Platycerium bieurcatum 'Netherlands'

Platycerium bieurcatum 'Netherlands'

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Common Name: Elkhorn Fern

Mature Plant Size: 60cm high - 50cm wide

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Plant is either evergreen or will flower for most of the yearGrows in part sunGrows in a shady position or indoorsOnly 2 days watering required once established

Common Name:Staghorn Fern

Best Position: Most staghorns are easy to grow, they like bright light but not too much direct sunlight. They don't like to be sopping wet or bone dry for extended periods of time. Water them thoroughly and then let them dry out. They can be attached to the side of your house by putting them on a wooden board.

Plant Description: Elk horns and Staghorns love to live on the edge. These naturally grow on the side of trees and survive on a diet of decaying leaf matter. These culptural plants have large bold green leaves. They are simply stunning!

Best Uses:This is a great plant to liven up a dull wall under a patio or pergola area.

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Platycerium bieurcatum 'Netherlands'Platycerium bieurcatum 'Netherlands'