CYCAS Revoluta

CYCAS Revoluta

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Common Name: Japanese Sago Palm

Mature Plant Size: 2-3m high - 2m wide

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Plant is either evergreen or will flower for most of the yearTolerant periods of droughtPlant will tolerate light frosty periodsGrows in full sunGrows in part sun

Best Position: Full sun, part shade or in a protected area with bright light, thrives with attention, and tolerates neglect. It needs good drainage or it will rot.

Plant Description: Originally from Japan know as the Japanese Sago Palm where it has been cultivated for over 300 years. A very slow growing cycad with a thick shaggy trunk, usually single trunked, although it is not uncommon for a plant to through "pups", offshoots which can be removed and potted up. The leaves are a deep semiglossy dark green, stiff, feather like leaves.

Flower Description: The female inflorescense is feather like, later forming a tightly packed seed head, closely covered by whitish miniature leaves. The male cone is pineapple shaped. Seeds are brownish-red.

Best Uses: Use as a feature plant, in pots or containers can also be grown indoors in bright light, a great addition to a Japanese garden.

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CYCAS Revoluta