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Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia Rebaudiana

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Common Name: Sweetleaf

Mature Plant Size: 50cm high - 50cm wide

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Common Name:  Stevia

Best Position:  Full sun well drained soil, will tolerate sandy soils.

Plant Description: Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) looks like an average green plant similar to a salva, it's an exciting addition for the herb garden because of the natural, calorie-free sweetness found in its leaves. Will grow best in a rich, loamy soil, add compost for extra nutrients if the soil in your area is sandy.Stevia plants are spring/summer plants but in Perth they may produce for most of the year, so long as they are protected from the harsh elements. Frequent pinching back of the leaves will help the plant to become bushy, and delay flowering. If plant is left to flower the sweetness is lessened.

Best Uses: Culinary uses.

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