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Bean 'Dwarf'

Bean 'Dwarf'

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Common Name: Bean 'Dwarf'

Mature Plant Size: 45cm high

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Common Name:  Dwarf Bean

Best Position:  Full sun well drained soil, protect from hot afternooon sun.

Plant Description:  Traditionally sown in rows, dwarf beans also grow well 'broadcast' or scattered over an area. Just scatter the punnets (don't worry about the odd ones which are close up). Cover with soil, potting mix, or compost. Grown this way the beans will mostly shade out competing weeds and 'self-mulch'. Keep watered and watch for shield bugs and green caterpillars. Pick the beans regularly to encourage new flowers. Flowering will slow right down if you let the beans get too large (hard and stringy) on the plants. Protect against snails and slugs - they will completely destroy newly sprouted beans, and will eat the leaves off grown plants.

Best Uses:  Culinary uses.

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Bean 'Dwarf'