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Broccoli 'Marathon'

Broccoli 'Marathon'

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Common Name: Broccoli 'Marathon'

Mature Plant Size: 25-30cm high

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Common Name:  Broccoli

Best Position:  Full sun well drained fertile soil.

Plant Description:  Keep well-watered as seedlings. If left without water they will bolt to seed and be inedible. The plants should grow to develop plenty of large healthy leaves, then the green flowerheads follow, which are cut for eating. Leave the plant growing after cutting the main flowerhead, and get additional crops from the sideshoots which will develop. Watch for cabbage white butterflies and remove the eggs and caterpillars as soon as possible. There are two main types of broccoli. The purple sprouting is hardier. The heading varieties cope well with warmer weather. Once a plant opens its yellow flowers then it is generally past eating as the flavour gets a bit overpowering and the plant gets very woody. Harvest them sooner rather than later.

Best Uses: Culinary uses.

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