AZALEA Princess Maude

AZALEA Princess Maude

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Common Name: Azalea

Mature Plant Size: 60cm-1.5m high - 1m wide

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Flowers in SummerFlowers in SpringPlant will tolerate light frosty periodsGrows in part sunGrows in a shady position or indoorsCan be pruned into a hedge

Common Name: Azalea.

Best Position: Part sun, full shade. Prefers a cool moist well draining position, humus rich soil that's slightly acidic, free from lime.

Plant Description: Azalea's are beautiful with their soft, lush, dark green leaves that thin out to a little point at the very tip. A compact shrub that can reach to the height of 1 metre. Very popular as container plants as their graceful and distinctive bloom display can be used as decoration indoors during spring and summer. They like to be mulched this not only help to absorb moisture but it will also helps with the drainage of excess water. Sandy or clay areas are not suitable planting soils for azaleas. Fertilise in spring and late summer with a Azalea specific fertiliser or a complete organic fertiliser and prune after flowering to maintain a compact shape.

Flower Description:  Produces cerise pink blooms that make a right royal statement in late winter early spring.

Best Uses: In garden beds or pots in courtyards or entertaining areas. Can also be used as a hedge.

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