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Dietes bicolour compact 'Mini Ballerina'

Dietes bicolour compact 'Mini Ballerina'

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Common Name: Spanish Iris

Mature Plant Size: 90cm high - Clumping

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Flowers in SummerFlowers in SpringTolerant periods of droughtPlant will tolerate light frosty periodsGrows in full sunGrows in part sunOnly 2 days watering required once established

Best Position: The plants thrive in damp situations and will tolerate light shade, but do better in full sun except in hot inland gardens where partial shade is best.

Plant Description: Forms clumps of erect sword-shaped leaves. The adult plant is approximately 50cm wide and 50cm tall. The leaves are light green in colour and have a double central vein. They are arranged in flat fans similar to other members of the iris family. The plant spreads by means of its modified stems (rhizomes), which are located below the soil surface. The blooms are yellow with three dark purple spots, each surrounded by an orange outline, and are followed by a capsule that may bend the flower stalks to the ground. Ripe seeds (dark brown in colour) are dispersed when the capsule dries and splits.

Best Uses: ideal for use as an accent plant near ponds or at the sides of steps, pathways and entrances.

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Dietes bicolour compact 'Mini Ballerina'