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Common Name: Black Kangaroo Paw

Mature Plant Size: 1.1-1.2m high - Clumping

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Images and Information to be used as a guide only.

Flowers in SpringTolerant periods of droughtPlant will tolerate light frosty periodsGrows in full sunOnly 2 days watering required once establishedPlant attracts birds into the garden

Best Position: There are two essentials to remember when planting Macropidia. Firstly, plant in perfectly drained soil and, secondly, position the plant in full sun but avoid planting in frost-prone or high humidity areas! If planting into a pot, use a potting mix suitable for native plants that complies with Australian Standards. Mulching is suggested but keep the crown of the plant clear.

Plant Description: Everyone loves the black kangaroo paw, Macropidia fuliginosa, and here's the first new release variety in decades. If you're going to plant Midnight, please follow this guide (In the best position above) closer than normal! Midnight's beautiful flowers are borne on strong, upright stems, perfect for cut-flower usage. One of the things that has impressed us with Midnight is its clean foliage. A little tip burn is inevitable but the picture shows healthy, blemish-free leaf fans. It's certainly one of the best Macropidia that we've seen in this regard. Although considered drought tolerant, water Midnight during extended dry periods. The plant will definitely perform better if it is given more water during hot weather or when it is in full flower or budding up. Be aware not to over-water though, as this could cause root rot. Try to keep the foliage dry - use of drippers would be ideal. The fuss is worth it! Provide a feed of controlled release fertiliser suitable for native plants in early spring. Feed again in autumn, if deemed necessary. Plants may differ in colour and size from pictures shown. The pictures are a guide.

Flower Description: Macropidia Midnight's unique black and lime green floral tones are stunning. Macropidia is considered part of the kangaroo paw family but is harder to grow to perfection.

Pruning: Remove any blackened older leaves and cut back spent flowering stems at the base of the plant. If buds are still forming on the branch, only cut back to just above that point. Best time to do this is in autumn (after flowering). New foliage and flowering stems will emerge in spring from the plant's underground rhizomes. Pest and Diseases: Leaf blackening is the result of cell death and can be caused by frost, excessive humidity, water stress, waterlogging, nutritional imbalances, chemical damage and by two important plant pathogens; Puccinia haemodori (which causes rust disease) and Alternaria (which causes ink spot disease). Watch for slugs, snails and caterpillars. If you see a problem that is not responding to common treatments, contact us on the below email for advice. Information and images supplied by www.ramm.com.au

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to email us at info@plants4perth.com.au

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