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CITRUS Tahitian Lime Tree

CITRUS Tahitian Lime Tree

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Common Name: Tahitian Lime

Mature Plant Size: 3m high - 3m wide

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Flowers in AutumnFlowers in WinterGrows in full sunGrows in part sun

Best Position: Open free draining soils are best, clay soils are also ok, but ensure you raise the garden bed up to improve drainage, add gypsum and plenty of organic matter to the soil to improve drainage.

Plant Description: This is a very popular lime tree. The Tahitian produces delicious juicy seedless limes that are often picked small and green, when they are stronger in flavour. Alternatively they can be left to ripen on the tree to a light yellow colour; this is when they become their juiciest. The main harvest is late autumn to mid-winter, although they can bear a smaller summer crop. Limes are a great alternative to lemons in all forms of cooking and taste great in a beer. The tree is a medium grower with a lovely dense branching habit, making them

Flower Description: During autumn and winter, fragrant flowers appear.

Best Uses: Ideal for the garden or a pot.

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CITRUS Tahitian Lime Tree