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Fruit - Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' Dwarf

Fruit - Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' Dwarf

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Common Name: Golden Delicious Dwarf

Mature Plant Size: 2.5m high x 2.5m wide

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Grows in full sunFlowers in SpringPlant is decidiousCan be pruned into a hedgeTolerant periods of droughtPlant will tolerate light frosty periodsPlant attracts birds into the garden

Common Name:  Dwarf Golden Delicious

Best Position:  Golden Delicious prefers areas of full sun with minimal chance of shade and free draining soils. Golden Delicious is relatively low maintenance.

Plant Description:  This tree produces a sweet bright yellow to golden apple with slight pink blush. Its' an excellent eating apple with crisp and creamy white flesh, which has a sweet and juicy flavour. In spring the tree will bloom clusters of pink buds revealing creamy white flowers. Grafted onto dwarf rootstock makes this Golden Delicious Apple an ideal option for small areas and backyard. The fruit are not dwarf only the tree. The Golden Delicious Apple tree is self fruiting and does not require a pollinator however will produce more fruit if used.

Best Uses:  Ideal pollinators for Golden Delicious include Red Delicious and Granny Smith.

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