Baileys Blood 'n' Bone

Baileys Blood 'n' Bone

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Common Name: Baileys Blood 'n' Bone

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Product Description: An organic based plant food for all your gardening needs, Baileys Blood & Bone Mix helps to build up soil structure. It has a mild and lasting action that is suitable for most gardening situations and can be used on its own or as an addition to higher analysis fertilisers. Its slow acting effect ensures it's safe to use in any situation.

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Sandy Soil Preparation: A liberal application of Baileys Blood & Bine Mix at a rate of 150 grams per square metre will assist in building up the soil structure and help new plantings survive their transplant period. Water well. Seedlings: For flower and vegetable seedlings Baileys Blood & Bone Mix is an excellent plant starter lightly dusted or banded along the rows of new plantings. 

Vegetables: Since vegetable gardens are usually planted in row, the best way to apply fertiliser is to lay down continuous lines or bands of fertiliser close to the plants. Apply Baileys Blood & Bone Mix, dusted or banded along the rows of new plantings and repeat at 2-3 week intervals after the seedlings have commenced vigorous growth. Turn the soil, taking care not to disturb the root system. For subsequent application, Baileys Blood & Bone mix can be used in equal proportions with Baileys NPK Blue. Water well. 

Lawn Preparation: To prepare the soil, use Baileys Blood & Bone Mix at a rate of 150 grams per square metre. Water well. For best results, Baileys Energy Turf should be used at 2 to 3 week intervals on your lawn until establishment at 20-30 grams per square metre.

Best used for: This is a Western Australian designed and manufactured product. Slow acting and safe to use in any garden situation. Organic content builds up soil structure. Not to be used on Natives.

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