Baileys Energy Turf

Baileys Energy Turf

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Common Name: Baileys Energy Turf

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Product Description: Baileys Energy Turf is a fully granulated, environmentally friendly, premium organic based fertiliser. It has a high analysis of trace elements, formulated to supply all the necessary nutrients that poor sandy soils require. Energy Turf was developed to avoid application of several products by combining a range of essential nutrients, organic matter and soil amendments into the one prill. The high addition of calcium and the high analysis of iron, manganese and magnesium in combination with blood and bone, humates and zeolite result in a slower release of fertiliser over a longer time. This ultimately result in a healthier, greener and more sustainable lawn. Humates improve fertiliser efficiency by increases microbial activity, moisture retention and improving soil structure. Zeolite reduces nutrient leaching as well as improving soil structure, water retention and soil aeration.

Application Rate: Suitable for all lawn varieties. Apply to dry turf and irrigate after application. Apply 40 grams per square metre.

Best used for: Energy Turf is an exciting new addition to the Baileys range and is suitable for all turf situations.

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