Baileys Moisture Mulch

Baileys Moisture Mulch

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Common Name: Baileys Moisture Mulch

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Product Description: Baileys Moisture Mulch is a black pine bark based mulch designed to protect, maintain and nourish topsoil. It contains no artificial colouring and is fully composted over 8 weeks, resulting in a quality, weed and disease free mulch. It has been composted with manure to reduce nitrogen draw down, improving soil structure and fertility as it naturally breaks down. Application will reduce evaporation and regulate soil temperature to assist pots, planters and gardens through the Summer months. It is manufactured to Australian Standards Mark 4454 and is a Smart Approved and Waterwise Approved product.

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Flower Beds: Spread Baileys Moisture Mulch 5-10mm thick throughout the garden. New Plantings: Lay Baileys Moisture Mulch around the drip line area, avoid placing mulch against the trunk, see illustration on packaging. 

Landscaping: Spread Baileys Moisture Mulch evenly throughout, We recommend applying to a depth of 20 - 50mm. Which would require 20L & 50L of Moisture Mulch to cover an area of 1m squared (or 1-2 bags)

Benefits: Western Australian designed and manufactured product. Smart Approved and Waterwise Approved product. Reduces evaporation. Suppresses weeds and soil erosion and improves soil fertility and organic structure. pH stabilised. Manufactured to Australian Standards Mark 4454. Fully composted. Visually pleasing.

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