Baileys Premium Potting Mix

Baileys Premium Potting Mix

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Common Name: Baileys Premium Potting Mix

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Product Description

Product Description: Baileys Premium Potting Mix is simply the best. This professional blend of top quality ingredients has been perfected over many years to deliver the optimal growing environment for a wide variety of plants and ensure consistent, healthy growth. When using this mix you need only pot and water as complete nutrition is supplied. For this reason, Baileys Premium Potting Mix is the preferred choice of many professional growers across WA.

Application Rate: 
  • 100mm pot = 0.5lt 
  • 130 -150mm pot = 1lt 
  • 200mm pot = 4lt 
  • 250mm pot = 11lt 
  • 300mm pot = 19lt 
  • 360mm pot = 26lt

Best used for: Premium Potting Mix is suitable for use in hanging baskets, patio tubs, indoor and outdoor pots, planters and for re-poting. Applications range from vegetables, herbs, potted colour, shrubs, trees, citrus and fruit trees, cactus and most natives.

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