BRUNNINGS Fruit and Citrus Food-2.5kgs

BRUNNINGS Fruit and Citrus Food-2.5kgs

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Chemicals Used: Superphosphate, DAP, Potassium cloride, Sulphate ammonia.

What does it do: Fruit trees, particularly citrus have high nutrient requirements because of their foliage growth and the need for fruit production. Fruit trees also have efficient root systems that process nutrients quickly. Fruit trees should be fed 500g of Brunnings Fruit & Citrus Food per year. This should be increased by 200g each year until 10 years of age to a maximum of 2.5kg per annum. Apply half the years supply after harvest (usually September) with the balance spread over July, November and February.

How to use it: Please follow instructions on package.

General Notes: Dispose of empty container by wrapping it in newspaper and putting it in the garbage, not recycling. If poisoning occurs please contact 13 11 26.

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