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CERTIFIED Organic Mushroom Compost

CERTIFIED Organic Mushroom Compost

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Product Description: Growing veggies can be a bit tricky - but don't be overwhelmed ! We are here to offer advice, if we don't know the answer we will find it out for you so that growing your own veggies will be rewarding and beneficial. As Perth has some of the worst soils in the world, so we have brought in a range of natural products to increase fertility and reduce leaching of nutrients into our river system. Raised garden beds are best to grow your veggies in, this also helps with not having to bend down all the time.

Application Rate: It is best to add compost to the soil and mix it through. If it is allowed to dry out, you will lose some of the benefits and it may simply blow away.

Analysis: A rich mix of composted straw, manure, peat and gypsum

Our Guarantee to you: We are so confident in our vegetable mix that we guarantee you will be happy with it, or we will refund the cost of it to you. 

Just a few commonsense conditions apply: 

(1) Seedlings planted into the mix must be healthy and vigorous and must be seasonally suitable for climate conditions. 

(2) Adequate regular watering must be correctly applied to the soil. It is important to mulch in the summer months and ensure watering is done at consistent times. 

(3) Climatic conditions in your own back yard need to be taken into account ie. Plants must be sheltered from harsh winds especially summer easterlies. 

(4) Be aware of competition in the soil from tree roots - this can be a major reason why new plantings quickly lose vigor. Consider using a barrier under garden beds. For your veggies to thrive consider their location in relation to other plantings. 

(5) We cannot provide a refund if poor growth results from pest and disease attack. We reserve the right to visit your garden prior to giving a refund payment.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to email us at

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