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Natural Sand Remedy 5kg

Natural Sand Remedy 5kg

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Product Description: Here in Perth, our sandy soils are very ineffective at holding water and with our hot, dry summers water repellency is an on-going issue. In addition, the sand which makes up the majority of gardens both in metropolitan Perth and many regional areas of WA, is devoid of most nutrients and organic matter. It needs improving considerably to ensure plants thrive, and that water used on the garden is used with maximum efficiency. Ideal soils for gardening are loamy soils. Loam is the term used to describe soils which are a mixture of sand and clay particles. Loam is the ideal growing medium because it contains a range of different sized particles, which allow for water and air to penetrate, and room for plant root hairs to grow. The unique blend of six minerals in the mix also work to hold nutrients by a process known as cation exchange. Clay particles are negatively charged, so have a natural ability to hold on to positively charged particles (called "cations" (pronounced cat-irons) like nitrogen and potassium, making them available to plants as required. The ability of Sand Remedy to keep nutrients in the soil prevents leaching of these soluble nutrients into our waterways, reducing algal blooms and pollution of our wetlands. Sand Remedy also contains trace elements, beneficial microbes and a food source for them. This is to ensure that colonies of these microbes will thrive, and help establish the most ideal growing conditions for your plants. It is these microbes which make many nutrients available to plants in a form they can use, and aid in keeping moisture in the root zone, where it is needed. Elements provided by Sand Remedy include: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Carbon, Magnesium, Sulphur, Silicon, Iron, Coppper, Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum and Selenium in a balanced, slow release form.

Application Rate: To replace wetting agents in gardens which contain a reasonable amount of organic matter, but are subject to seasonal water repellency, 5kg of Sand Remedy treats 16m2 (blanket coverage) in a once-off application. (This works out to about 320gms/m2.) 

For new garden beds in very poor, sandy soil, a much higher once-off application of up to 1kg per square metre, dug in to a depth of at least 100mm and up to 300mm will provide lasting improvement in water holding ability of the soil. (The greater depth of soil you dig, add additional Sand Remedy accordingly.) 

How much Sand Remedy required really does depend upon the condition of your existing soil, and what other soil improvement products you may be using when applying Sand Remedy. 

Areas of your garden will probably be different in how they absorb or repel water - this is quite normal. 

 Make an assessment and try it out! 

 If you use too much Sand Remedy, simply incorporate it a little deeper into the soil. If you don't think you've used enough in some spots, you may need a repeat application. 

For very large areas, the most economical way to use Sand Remedy is in individual planting holes where you are going to be planting out. The ideal proportion of Sand Remedy to incorporate into sandy soil is around 3 - 5% total volume. 

Once this is incorporated into the sand, it bonds with sand particles and stays there, permanently. 

As part of ANY soil improvement program, we always recommend regularly incorporating quality organic matter (eg. compost or well rotted manure) in order to build a healthy, living soil. 

Remember - the organic gardener's mantra is "feed the soil, not the plants".

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