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GARDEN Design Service

GARDEN Design Service

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Common Name: Garden Design Service

Mature Plant Size: 1 hour

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Product Description

If you are stuck with ideas for your garden and want to be able to use your outdoor area, and have a wonderful sanctuary to be able to come home too each day and be able to sit back and relax, then this service is going to do just that for you or if you have just moved into a new house and need some ideas then this is the product for you. If the consultation goes over the hour, our hourly rate is $150 gst inc, this can be charged to the credit card or cash on the day of consultation.

We can guarantee you will receive:

  • A personalised service from start to finish.
  • Someone who will listen to you and your ideas.
  • Our landscape designer, Lisa Passmore, will advise on plants suited to the environment and your personal taste.
  • Beautiful scale drawn plans that are easy to follow. (Concept Plan Stage)
  • Plant keys and fact sheets that are relevant to your design. (Concept Plan Stage)
  • An inspirational garden to suit your needs, your home and your lifestyle.
  • Your environment, local plants, local fauna and waterways are cared for.

Please email us at to confirm which Zone you will need to select. You will receive an email after the purchase confirming the day and time for the Initial Consultation.

The Design Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation - Defining the Project

This involves our consultant meeting you on site where they will discuss with you the style of garden/plants that you like, your needs and the function of the garden/ project. Our consultant will discuss the objective of the design and lifestyle considerations. Our consultant will also assess the soil type, topography, sun aspect and other environmental considerations. At the initial consultation we will offer ideas and suggestions to you, which may lead to the drafting of a rough sketch or leaving you with some notes and/or plant lists. For some clients a one hour on site consult and sketches is all they need but for most clients this is a preliminary meeting that precedes a full plan. At the end of this meeting we will email you a quote for a scale drawn garden design with concept and final plan.

Step 2: Concept Plan - Designing the Project

Upon receipt of your signed approval of the Estimate Form, Our consultant will collate the site information necessary to create your concept plan. You may already have accurate house and site plans available (we will have discussed this in Step 1) if not then our consultant will have either quoted for a survey plan (by a reputable Surveyor) or if there are no levels involved then we will do the site measure ourselves (usually taking between 1 -2 hours depending on size of project). With this information we will draft a base plan and start designing. Generally it takes a week from receiving site plans (or taking measurements) until the concept plans are ready for viewing. The concept plan is a coloured plan showing proposed positioning of all hard landscape features (driveway, paving, retaining walls, swimming pools, decking and so forth) as well as ideas on where the planting will be done (lawn, trees, shrubs etc). Our consultant will meet with you to discuss this and following the meeting, a final plan will be drafted.

Step 3: Final Plan - Delivery of the Plan

The Final Plan shows the planting detail with a code for each plant species. Accompanying the plan will be your report with plant key, planting notes and recommended contacts for installing your new garden. We can also provide you with a lighting plan as part of this stage if desired. Our consultant will meet with you to deliver this plan and show you pictorials of the plants selected.

We are happy to assist in any way that you may require, various follow up services that are available may be discussed at this point. The below Images are an example as to how your Garden could look like.

If you require any further information and to confirm which zone you are in please email us at

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