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Common Name: Cyclamen, Sowbread

Mature Plant Size: 25cm high - 75cm wide

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Flowers in AutumnFlowers in WinterPlant will tolerate light frosty periodsGrows in part sunFull shade or indoors

Best Position: Full shade, filtered light keep moist with well draining soil.

Plant Description: Cyclamen are small but a diverse genus of plants. Flowers and leaves come from buds at the top of a round-flattened tuber. Roots come from the sides and bottom. The leaves are heart shaped, can be patterned, dark green with silver or lighter green marbling and plain green.

Flower Description: The flowers are usually in shades of pinks, whites and purples. In all species, the stem is bent at the tip, so that the nose of the flower faces downwards. Flowers have 5 petals, bent outwards or up, sometimes twisted, and connected at the base into a cup with the five sepals behind the cup.

Best Uses: Cyclamens are often grown in borders or rockeries for their low habit and bright colours. Also suitable in shaded gardens and as an indoor plant.

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