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FUCHSIA Paula Jane

FUCHSIA Paula Jane

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Common Name: Fuchsia

Mature Plant Size: 1.8m high - 1m wide

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Flowers in SummerFlowers in AutumnGrows in part sunFull shade or indoors

Best Position: These need to be in a well sheltered position under a patio or in a shade house protected from frost and the summer heat. The soil needs to be fertile and well draining.

Plant Description: Fuschia's come in a range of different varieties. There is an upright growth habit, trailing growth habit and bushy growth habit. All of these plants form dangling bell-like flowers. These are deciduous and require pruning, to keep a healthy shrub. These need to be pruned back after flowering and when the leaves start to fall off. Regular fertilising will keep them blooming. Seasol and a granual fertiliser is best. Paula Jane is a trailing shrub making it ideal for hanging baskets. Maintenance Notes: Keeping a fuchsia over the winter can be a challenge, but here are some ideas that will help you be successful. Fuchsia likes humidity, so using a pebble tray under the plant will help to maintain a cloud of humidity around the plant. Indoors in the winter the air is usually very dry because of the heating system in your home, a pebble tray will really help the plants. A pebble tray is just a shallow dish full of pebbles and water that the plant sits on (not in the water). High light is good, essential for good growth over the winter, but avoid a hot dry window where the plant cooks during the winter. In general the brighter the better for most windows just check to make sure it is not burning the plant. Keep an eye out for spider mites, they are going to be your biggest problem. You can see them forming webs between the leaves and the leaves themselves will get a silvery look to them as the infestation gets worse. You can prevent them with frequent washing of the plant (put the plant in the shower under a gentle mist about every third watering), misting the plant will also help, but you may need to resort to some kind of organic insecticide to keep the worst infestations under control. Over the winter keep removing any stems that start to die and remove all those berries once they begin to wither as they are actually stealing nutrients from the plant, but you can leave them on for awhile if you like them. On watering and fertilizing: Generally fuchsia likes to be moist at all times but not soggy, so watch to make sure the plant does not dry out too much. Fertilizing every 6-8 weeks with half strength fertilizer should be fine to keep the plant healthy. Information supplied by

Flower Description: The bell shaped flowers are unique. They dangle and have a bell shaped centre with a star shape above this, these are usually in 2 different colours. The Paula Jane has deep purple bell shape and rose pink/red star shape flower.

Best Uses: Depending if the fuschia is a shrub, bush or trailing you can use them for hanging baskets

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