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Hemerocalis 'Stella Bella'

Hemerocalis 'Stella Bella'

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Common Name: Day Lily

Mature Plant Size: 40cm high - Clumping

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Grows in full sunGrows in part sunTolerant periods of droughtOnly 2 days watering required once establishedFlowers in SummerFlowers in Spring

Best Position: Daylilies do best in full sun, but will perform in ? ltered sun. When in bloom they can be moved into prominent positions to give splashes of colour.

Plant Description: Hemerocallis are among the toughest and easiest plants to grow. They are heat tolerant and able to handle seasonal drought and week-long rain. Once established plants need little supplementary watering. They are fast clumping and will reward you with their attractive. Produces vibrant yellow flowers that have 5 petals in a large star shape.

Best Uses: Produced large showy flowers so best planted in an area that needs to be brightened up.

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Hemerocalis 'Stella Bella'Hemerocalis 'Stella Bella'