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Ficus Alii Petite

Ficus Alii Petite

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Common Name: Dwarf Sabre leafed Fig

Mature Plant Size: 1.5m high - 75cm wide

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Plant is either evergreen or will flower for most of the yearGrows in a shady position or indoors

Best Position: Bright, indirect light year-round.

Plant Description: Has long, narrow leaves that are naturally glossy and taper to a point. As this ficus tree grows, it may drop its lower leaves revealing a bare woody trunk, giving this tree a palm-like appearance. Its care is easy and is tolerant to most soil types, so long as it is not allowed to dry out. These can be repotted when necessary during spring. It is best to repotted these into the smallest pot that will contain its roots. Ficus plants are slow-growing and prefer to be slightly pot-bound. Use a pot with drainage holes to prevent overwatering. Ficus Alii seems resistant to pests. Ferilise every 2-3 weeks with a liquid all purpose fertiliser during Spring.

Flower Description: Grown for its foliage, doesn not produce any flowers.

Best Uses: Grown indoors in a part sunny window area, they do like to have morning light on their leaves.

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