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Plumeria 'Samoan Fluff'

Plumeria 'Samoan Fluff'

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Common Name: Frangipani

Mature Plant Size: 2.5m high - 2.5m wide

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Flowers in Summer<Flowers in SpringTolerant periods of droughtGrows in full sunGrows in part sun<Only 2 days watering required once establishedPlant attracts birds into the garden

Common Name: Dwarf Franipani

Best Position: Plumeria's require full sun and grows best in well drained, slightly acidic soil.

Plant Description: Plumeria trees are generally a small tree. Their broad, usually round-headed canopy is often about as wide as the tree is tall. The species and hybrids vary somewhat in tree size, compactness, and branching character, leaf and flower size and color. The leaves are usually glossy green, generally ovate and range from 5 to 10cm wide and 10 to 20cm long. Fertilize plumeria with a high phosforus fertiliser every three to four months during the dormant months and then every 2-3 weeks during the growing months. Samoan Fluff produces bunches of vibrant white tinted with yellow and pink along the edge flowers. The flowers are made up of five petals that averages 2-3 inches diameter. Flowers of most cultivars are highly fragrant.

Best Uses: Tropical gardens, Waterwise gardens, planter boxes, wine barrels, Plumeria has widespread use in tropical landscapes around the world and is frequently associated with temples and graveyards as it is known to be peaceful and bring good energy.

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