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Diploglottis australis (Native Tamarind)

Diploglottis australis (Native Tamarind)

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Common Name: Large Leaf Tamarind

Mature Plant Size: 8-12m high - 5-8m wide

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Grows in full sun or part shadeGrows well in a shadey positionFlowers in SummerFlowers in SpringPlant is evergreenCan be pruned into a hedgePlant will tolerate light frosty periodsPlant attracts birds into the garden

Common Name:  Large Leaf Tamarind

Best Position:  The Large Leaf Tamarind may be grown in full sun or part shade, as long as it's sheltered from strong winds and frosts. It prefers moist soil throughout the year, but can thrive in a range of soil types under most pH conditions.

Plant Description:  Large Leaf Tamarind is a slender, palm-like gully tree that bears sweet, tart fruits prolifically each season. Creamy brown flowers form in Spring, maturing from October to January. The fleshy yellow-orange fruit is sour to taste, but like the Asian Tamarind, may be enjoyed raw or processed into jams, jellies, sauces, candies and drinks. Tucker Bush Safety: Whether using our commercially grown Tucker Bush plants, or sourcing your own fruit & plant material from the wild, caution should be exercised. Fruit and any edible plant material may require specific preparation to be safely eaten. Please read our plant labels and also consult the www.tuckerbush.com.au website for specific plant information.

Best Uses:  This tree can grow to 8m tall in a domestic garden, but will also do fine in a large pot. As it grows vigorously, it needs regular pruning to keep it at a manageable size. The large, velvety leaves make for an attractive and desirable pot plant in a patio or courtyard setting.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to email us at info@plants4perth.com.au or check out their website for more info www.tuckerbush.com.au.

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