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Myoporum insulare 'Prostrate' (Boobialla)

Myoporum insulare 'Prostrate' (Boobialla)

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Common Name: Boobialla

Mature Plant Size: 30cm high - 2m wide

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Grows in full sun or part shadeFlowers in SummerFlowers in SpringPlant is evergreenTolerant periods of droughtPlant attracts birds into the garden

Common Name:  Native Juniper or Coastal Boobialla

Best Position:  Boobialla is hardy and can adapt to many climate and soil conditions, though it does best in an easily draining, sandy soil in full sun. Though it may lose its luster (and drop its leaves) when exposed to frost, it's been known to recover quickly in the Spring, after pruning.

Plant Description:  As Summer ends, this species produces smooth, round, purple fruits up to 1cm in diameter. They're great for jams, jellies and preserves, but with an astringent sweetness, eating berries fresh off the branch might not be everyone's cup of tea. Aromatic, juniper-like qualities makes Boobialla an exciting local botanical for essential oils and gin. This species produces small white flowers as the weather heats up (in warmer areas of Australia, it's not unusual to experience a long flowering season), with fruit following shortly after. To harvest, simply pluck berries once their colour deepens. We'd caution against foraging for these fruits, as unlicensed picking of native plants is unsustainable and illegal, what's more, other members of the Myoporum genus are known to contain toxins, and can be harmful in large quantities. Tucker Bush Safety: Whether using our commercially grown Tucker Bush plants, or sourcing your own fruit & plant material from the wild, caution should be exercised. Fruit and any edible plant material may require specific preparation to be safely eaten. Please read our plant labels and also consult the www.tuckerbush.com.au website for specific plant information.

Best Uses:  This fast grower bears smooth, green, spatula-shaped leaves with toothed edges near the tip. Even when creeping, it takes on a bushy appearance, making it perfect as a rockery plant, for filling gaps or for smothering out weeds. This species also makes a hardy native edible verge plant.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to email us at info@plants4perth.com.au or check out their website for more info www.tuckerbush.com.au.

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