Basic Gardening Tools

There are so many garden tools available that it may be difficult to decide what you need. Remember to choose tools that are comfortable in the hands, are of a suitable weight and are well-balanced. Always choose good quality tools and clean after each use to maintain condition.

If you are a beginner gardener, you will need the following basic tools in your shed:

  • Spade (make sure your foot fits comfortably on the spade)
  • Fork (useful for breaking up soil; spreading organic matter)
  • Pick (great for tough jobs around the garden)
  • Rake (essential for tidying up around the garden)
  • Secateurs (invest in a quality pair of secateurs)
  • Pruning Saw (tougher pruning jobs require a saw)
  • Trowel (handy for small planting jobs)
  • Knife (an old kitchen knife will suffice)