Gardening Tips

In Western Australia we live in a hot dry climate. Water restrictions have progressively become more severe. We need to adjust our garden requirements to enable us to save water whilst still enjoying our beautiful gardens.

Here a few water wise tips:

  • Your automatic irrigation system should be turned off in winter.
    This will save around 200 litres of water per day. During the cooler months most plants and lawns can survive with the normal rainfall that Perth receives during these cooler months.
  • Prepare the soil before planting to ensure that plants can make the most of the water they need.
    By adding Easy Wetta Potting mixes. If you have healthy soil you will have healthy water wise plants.
  • Select water wise plants for your garden.
    By choosing water wise plants you will reduce the amount of water your garden needs.
  • Plant a tree or 2 to provide shade and cooling.
    By planting a tree you will provide shade and cooling for around the house and garden. Also be saving on cooling costs in the home.
  • Mulch should be spread over the entire planted area to a thickness of 10cm.
    By using Easy Wetta Mulch you can reduce the evaporation loss from the soil surface by as much as 70%. Remember to keep the mulch away from the base of the plants.