Planting Guide for Coastal Areas

Gardening on impoverished, alkaline, sand is a challenge that confronts gardeners on the Perth coast.

We love living near the beach and so our homes are often built on sand dune systems with extremely poor soils where nutrients are unavailable to plants.

If you want a good garden and live in these areas you can either improve the soil and reduce the soil pH and/or grow plants that are adapted to these soils.

In some cases the soils contain too much limestone and are just too alkaline to be changed. Some areas of the Perth coastal strip have a soil pH of 8.5 to 9.5 meaning that it contains several percent limestone.

Some areas not directly on the coast also have limestone outcrops.

The easiest way to have a good garden in coastal soils is to choose plants that like these conditions. Many of these plants come from the Mediterranean and include a wide range of Australian plants that have adapted to these conditions

If you are right on the beach you should erect a screen of very tough plants to filter the wind, blasting sand and salt.