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Do You Deserve A Bodyslide Massage?

Getting a bodyslide massage is something that you may have only just heard of and are curious about, or maybe its something you’ve tantalised over for months and can’t find the courage or motivation to try out. Perhaps you are in a committed relationship with someone who would not approve of you getting a bodyslide massage because one or both of you perceive that level of intimacy and touch as being exclusive to your romantic relationship.

Of course, you don’t want to alienate and break trust with your partner by going ahead with it behind their back or being dishonest about the nature of it when your describe it to them. At the end of the say, the sexual aspect is hard for people to get over and it may not be worth ruining your relationship over it.

Let’s take a look at this ‘sticky’ issue and see what the best choices are for people who love each other to get through it unscathed.


What is a bodyslide massage, exactly?

Trying to home in on a concrete definition of where a bodyslide massage begins and ends is really an exercise in futility. While there is the obvious physical action of using the human body as a tool for therapeutic manipulation, there are different levels of involvement that can change what the treatment is depending on your sensibilities and values.

For example, it is not uncommon for a bodyslide massage to involve or lead-into sexual acts as part of the therapeutic ‘release’ of the encounter. Since, by definition, the masseuse needs to use their naked skin for it to ‘count’, the inherent intimacy makes arousal hard to avoid for many.

In this sense, the treatment is often conflated with the sex work industry since it occupies somewhat of a middle-ground between outright prostitution and private masseur. While the semantics may not be important to you, it may be important to your partner if they find out the treatment you got involved your genitals being manipulated or something else.


How do you convince a partner to let you get one?

Honestly, some partners will NEVER BE OK with this kind of thing, even if they say they are after you wear them down. They may have low self-esteem and think if they don’t let you get the bodyslide massage you might leave them for someone who would (this might actually be a good thing if you find they disapprove of a lot of what you do).

Couples shouldn’t keep secrets or resent each other – you need to communicate and be honest. Perhaps you can find a compromise where you let them do something you would normally disapprove of in exchange or simply ask them to give you the treatment themselves.

You might just need to accept that it is not going to happen and move on. If you really want it but now resent your partner for denying it to you, perhaps you shouldn’t be in a monogamous relationship with that person? If things you sincerely want to do can’t happen because of an obligation to a partner that you resent, you are going to become depressed, angry and eventually take it out on your partner which they probably don’t deserve.

Remember, honestly is everything in a relationship and is just as important when discussing a bodyslide massage as it is for anything else.


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The Different Types Of Things That You Can Aid When Using A Zero Gravity Massage Chair

For the most part, there are plenty of people out there who genuinely wish others best. They want to do their part by offering their services or a product and will want to improve people’s lives with said service or product. While this is generally the case, this doesn’t mean that there are not others out there who do not have people’s best interests at heart.

For instance, there are plenty of people out there who will try very hard to sell certain things simply because that is their job and because they need the money. Because of this, people will need to be careful when it comes to making an investment as they will want to make sure that they are going to spend their money on something that is actually going to work. So to best help people who are looking to make wise purchase choices, here are the different types of things that you can aid when using a zero gravity massage chair.


A zero gravity massage chair is able to greatly help with reducing stress levels

When people are looking to make an investment, they will first need to make sure that it is going to add value to their life in some way or another. The only problem is that there are so many different items out there that make all sorts of different claims, however, they do not actually work. This is why people will need to do a bit of research to establish the types of things that the purchase will actually aid with.

When it comes to the subject of a zero gravity massage chair, there are many proven things that it is able to help with which is why it is worth the investment. One of the most important things that it can help with is reducing stress levels and this is partially because people can feel like they are floating when they use this. This is extremely important as most people are overly stressed in this day and age and will not know how to combat this. Furthermore, this is the perfect chance for people to put their smart phone away and so simply enjoy their brand new purchase.


A zero gravity massage chair is able to greatly help with reducing muscle tension in the body

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Another fantastic thing that a zero gravity massage chair is able to greatly help with is reducing muscle tension in the body. Once again, stress can come into play here because when people are chronically stressed and over worked, their muscles will often stiffen up. People can also begin to experience other symptoms such as inflammation and other immune system issues.

As this is the case, people should do everything they can in order to reduce muscle tension in the body which will often have a ripple effect to other areas of their life. For instance, when someone doesn’t feel as wound up physically then the chances are that they won’t feel as wound up mentally and emotionally as well. On top of this, when people are able to reduce tension in their body, the chances are that they will feel like they are in a better position to exercise and to do more things that they want to do such as playing with their young ones. As can be seen, there are many things that a zero gravity massage chair is able to aid with that proves it is something that people can feel confident investing in.