Car Rental: What Are The Types Of Offers And Their Differences?

If agencies are preferred for renting a car, the solution between individuals is becoming increasingly popular. What are their differences in terms of offers and insurance? What are the conditions to respect before and during a reservation? Where to rent a luxurious model or sport? A short guide on car rental.

Who can rent a car and under what conditions?

The rental of a car is done with certain restrictions. The most logical is the possession of a valid driver’s license, but the agencies apply a supplement “young driver” (under 26 or 30 years).

Age limits and license conditions also vary by country if you rent abroad. Between individuals, a license valid for 2 or 3 years will be required.

By going through a professional, you can choose at the time of your reservation to deposit the vehicle in the starting agency, or another, but with a surplus. In all cases, you are committed to returning the car in the original state and the full fact, on pain of a surcharge to pay in addition to the price of fuel.

In addition to the defects noted at the start, only minor damage is accepted free of charge after restoration, such as scratches or bumps less than 25 mm, as well as easily cleanable dirt. In terms of mileage, each agency or platform has its specificities: limited or unlimited.

What do rental agencies offer?

The three big names Avis, Europcar and Hertz make the essential part of the cake, but many other brands exist (Enterprise, Sixt, Ada), as well as low-cost (Thrifty, Budget), and even manufacturers propose a “Rent” offer. In addition to the short-term rental, monthly rentals are also scheduled, as well as services with driver.

On the insurance side, agencies play the minimum in terms of coverage with liability, fire, and theft. Optional contracts can reduce or even cancel the deductible in the event of damage, as well as guarantee compensation in case of an accident. Assistance is, however, included in case of breakdown or accident.

Rental between individuals

This solution has become an increasingly common alternative because it is cheaper than an agency for the car rental company, and becomes an additional income for the owner.

Just like in an agency, insurance is included in the rental price, insurers being partners of the platforms. Coverage ranges from civil liability to compensation to the owner in the event of an accident, including personal injury coverage and assistance. Sometimes this is extended to fuel and one or more additional drivers.

Good to know: rent at the corner of the street

There are many points of withdrawal, usually in the home of the owner or in a parking lot. It is, therefore, possible to rent a car very close to home! But the availability is particularly variable according to your geographical situation, and the use is limited to the USA